A Poll to Whitelist iGold as iAsset

This is a poll to whitelist iGold as an iAsset. A link to the temperature check discussion is posted below.

  • Yes
  • No

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FYI this doesn’t following the Indigo DAO Voting Procedures. So my vote is no. An Oracle price feed must first be identified before this temp check can proceed. It’s impossible for this to progress into an on-chain proposal.


You’re right. I misread the procedure. For the record, Chainlink has a gold price feed but I didn’t bother to include it because I thought the oracle had to be identified at the proposal stage. I’ve also spoken to Charli3 about the possibility of gold/silver oracles. I’ll retract the poll.

Edit: I’m sincerely grateful for the feedback. But I have to ask, where have you been all month? Lol. We’ve been discussing this for quite sometime and the minute I drop a poll, I get actionable feedback regarding how to make it happen.

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Sorry. I’ve been busy working on the Indigo products. We launched mainnet a month ago, so it has occupied a lot of time.

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voting-procedures.pdf (85.6 KB)
please review the Indigo Voting Procedures

Please review the previous commentary. This has already been addressed.