Preferences > Profile > Profile Header and User Card Background

The forum is clearly designed and looks great.
I wanted to upload a “Profile Header”, unfortunately it doesn’t work.
Have the 1100 pixel dimension noted, although i can not imagine that it fails because of that. The same problem with “User Card Background”.
Regardless of whether i try to upload a PNG or a JPEG file, it doesn’t work.
Anyone have any ideas or can someone try to clarify if it’s me or the site?


@crybtcart Im sorry to hear this it worked for me 8/ id try another picture


Try compressing the pic? I comped mine under 500kb. Worked fine after that.


My image files are web optimized (PNG was 254KB and the JPG 109KB).
The problem has been solved , i have lowered the JPG quality in the export from 90% to 70%.
Now the file is only 39.8KB :). Which image parameter caused this problem is unclear to me.
Thanks @Kyleyates71 @lordermagerd1 for your inputs :+1: :v:

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