Listing INDIGO on Binance?

Is it possible for INDY coin to be released for trading on Binance ?


As far as I know that is of course possible. It depends on binance though. And on INDY Market Cap, for them to even consider it.

But do you really want your Indy-Tokens on a centralized exchange and give them voting rights in the protocol?

Give me Custody or…

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To be honest with you, I have no knowledge of the proceedings and the complications after that. However I did wanted to have this post on ,knowing that this subject is unavoidable therefore should not be left undeveloped. I hope that people with more advanced knowledge will elaborate further. In my opinion the wider the market the better.

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Yes, I’m sure its possible but INDY is def not mature enough for this conversation yet.

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Do you have a specific time frame or a milestone in mind ? Because it seem to me that conversation and planning are needed in order to get the coin on its rightfull place. Unless you feel like it is way better to have this market restricted to a leading DEX allowing the devs and whales to dictate the price of indy coin thus overwhelming the DAO by accumulating POWER!! Bottom line is ,no matter what you are selling you always look for a wider market exposure to deny this makes no sense to me as a trader!

It would be better to have the token be available on a Cardano Dex or on Defi. Getting away from Centralized exchanges is the way. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Indy is a DAO token. The DAO it self is wiser when bigger. Not having Indy exposed to wide market will not help, on the contrary . having Indy token being traded on one DEX provides tremendous opportunity for bad players to dictate pretty much the whole DAO and protocol it self. Therefore I find this discussion very much necessary.

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I would like to kindly ask the moderator to move my post into the graveyard. I understand that there is no interest of the subject. In my opinion the Indigo team has it in their interest to remain in a closed market and will never allow the DAO to choose marketing strategies of their own tokenomics. I sound harsh but its what I think. I would also here by state that I am leaving the DAO never to return. I feed no bad feeling for anyone and wish to receive the same. I believe that any one should speak their mind as I do without being threatened. This is was a huge turn off for me. Moderator please feel free to delete my profile and all of my posts I will say nothing about it.
Good luck guys in your future journey.