Linking chat to the platform

This community chat is revolutionary. Whilst many platforms have chat options it would be really good to incorporate this chat function into the live project. With such a strong community it would allow for the community to help new people to the project, protect them from making mistakes and educate them, welcoming them into the family


If Indigo is to become a true DAO the community is key. With any good community we must be nurtured, educated and protected when needed. Only a strong community can create a successful DAO. We are only as strong as our weakest link.


This is true. By incorporating the chat into the long term plans it allows the community to help onboard and educate others making this a greater project


I think it’s just refreshing to have a safe space away from the memes and ‘wen!’ society on other platforms, to learn and read about interesting ideas that will hopefully help the protocol grow.


Im all for supporting and educating people early on when they use the platrform, that way they avoid making silly mistakes and turning away from using the platform again.


That’s right. The reason why I like this forum the most is that we can talk in-depth on these various topics in the official forum.


I very much appreciate the chat. I’m slowly starting to understand indigo thanks to all of your posts. I’m definitely still a newb, so thank you for welcoming me and allowing me to educate myself!


Live chat has pros and cons. There are platforms for that but I like that this is an interactive educational platform that requires time and personal interest. I would have never wrapped my head around this project by viewing twitter or discord! I do understand the standpoint and view but just sharing my personal experience.


it is very much appreciated. I am a newbie, but I see that this is a community that helps the newcomer as much as possible. And these tools make it easy.

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I actually love the separation from discord. A few of my other projects have private telegram chat groups for the more experienced members so that ideas and suggestions can be sequestered much easier than digging endlessly through off topic chat. Never good to completely ignore the discord as growth will slow way down but I am a big fan of some separation for the right purpose.