Indigo Protocol x Cornucopias

Indigo and Cornucopias are the Cardano projects i am looking forward to the most. Coming directly from Cornucopias discord:

“Cornucopias will provide an educational metaverse hub where gamers can learn about Indigo Protocol, the world of synthetic assets, and the power of decentralized finance on the Cardano blockchain. Meanwhile, Indigo Protocol will help to populate Cornucopias’ metaverse with industry-leading 3D models. Together, Cornucopias and Indigo are building a metaverse for the Cardano of tomorrow!”

Do you see synthetic assets being utilized in-game for Cornucopias? And if so, how would it benefit P2E, LTE, BTE or NFT environment?


I think that this is a brilliant way for Indigo to gain more publicity and also great to see projects collaborating. I’m not sure how it can be utilized in the game, but it’s a brilliant idea for Cornucopias to provide educational material to its users. A wonderful use of it’s metaverse.


I agree, Indigo is a bit more under the radar than Cornucopias. Video games are much more of an attention grabber than synthetic assets. We’re in the right place to be in on both before it goes main stream in a few years.


I don’t know how I can use iAssets other than having an Indigo store there. But I really like the educational approach.


Pretty cool, didn’t see this one coming!


Really good idea of it, it could be another new way of promotion for coming future…
They are waited power users…


I have 2 questions:
-What do they mean by "Indigo Protocol will help to populate Cornucopias’ metaverse with industry-leading 3D models.”
-Will Cornucopias users who learn from the project receive INDY or something for Cornucopias?


so i read the white paper there is so many ways that indy can be utilized in games, gambling being the biggest. if you think property is going to go up or down we have some indy 4 you. its just a metter of explaining it 2 people i didnt fully understand it but got the jist. give the white paper a read only takes like 10 min and im dumb ha


I don’t know either, its too early to tell. Excited for this year’s news!

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  1. I guess Indigo is lending some of their graphics models to contribute to game development.
  2. IDK but i doubt it. Indigo will most likely want to build their own dedicated community to distribute tokens.
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I think most of us are all on the same level of trying to understand how this plays a part in game. Theres too little detail right now, but reading the whitepaper will give some insight. Good looking out!


no problem. ardana has a lot of good material to when it comes to the tech fundamentials of cardano price is nice but in the end the best tech will win and cardano is it my friend orbis is going to b pretty much each project is going to be able 2 scale like they are the only project on cardano

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Sorry, maybe I missed something, but what graphics models do we have? I saw something like a temple but I thought it was fan art.

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Super cool and super excited, two projects i have been part of from the start are coming together <3