Indigo Development Updates

Indigo Protocol technical update: 7/26/2022

This week Indigo developers worked on:

  1. Reviewed Governance Vote Sharding design and implementation to reduce contention on Governance Proposal voting
  2. Began working on more test cases for the Stability Pools
  3. Moved CDP Protocol Fee Percentage from on-chain script parameter to Protocol Parameters
  4. Added nix to smart-contract repo and CI/CD
  5. Implemented Oracle contract in CTL
  6. Began working on application to track protocol data form blockchain
  7. Reviewed optimization options for Governance Execute proposal action

Indigo Protocol technical update: 8/1/2022

This week Indigo developers worked on:

  1. Upgraded smart contracts to PlutusV2
  2. Began working on reward calculation application and token distribution mechanism
  3. Reduced complexity of the End Proposal phase
  4. Worked on a Transaction History page on the web app for displaying all the actions a wallet has taken
  5. Updated Oracle Bot to fetch price from multiple sources
  6. Began updating the yellow paper to match the new code specifications
  7. Created new Stability Pool tests to verify rounding issues

Indigo Protocol technical update: 8/6/2022

This week Indigo developers worked on:

  1. Ran benchmarks against Vasil integration with great results
  2. Investigated CDP specifications for Oracle price expiration and iAsset delisting
  3. Began updating test suite to plutus-simple-model
  4. Minor changes to how ending proposals and the associated deposit are handled
  5. Integrated CIP30 (Eternl, Flint, Nami and GeroWallet) on web app
  6. Began updating yellow paper to match the new specifications
  7. Began work on vote sharding for Governance
  8. Combined MigrateAsset proposal and DelistAsset proposal
  9. Changed how fees are managed upon liquidation
  10. Optimizations to helper functions to reduce CPU / Memory costs for users
  11. Designed liquidity pool page for web app
  12. Designed Transaction History page for web app
  13. Added search/filter/sort functionality to Governance Dashboard