How can INDIGO utilize Defi 2.0 and beyond to secure a long term future?

I want this discussion to bring out the best ideas on how we can bootstrap INDIGO for the long term and incentivize the users for the short & long term too. If you need to brush up on Defi 2.0,of%20notable%20DeFi%202.0%20implementations.
What are some of your ideas/thoughts?

An example of what interests me :
" Create a sustainable cash flow: As demonstrated by Olympus DAO, the system for exchanging LP tokens for bonds reduces the frequency of farm and dump situations while also providing long-term liquidity. Therefore, maintaining a good cash flow allows projects to expand more sustainably and attract more backers".
Im sure we can do a lot more given how decentralized we already are and how flexible Cardano PoS system is.
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I don’t have any ideas as to how we could bootstrap Indigo, but I was going to read the two articles. The first link does not work, the second one to the cointelegraph article does. Would doing a LBE like what Minswap did be an idea? I am not sure with synthetic iAssets


Minswap’s LBE (I think) was boostrapped against the base ADA token. So I guess if we were to consider bootstrapping Indigo, this would have to be the base token of the protocol (i.e. the chain it’s in, w/c is Cardano, hence ADA as well) But I know Indigo requires collateral to mint the synthetic assets, so can stablecoins (DJED perhaps) be used? Maybe someone can shed more light?

Imo, this’d be a good topic to consider early on so things can be brainstormed on by the community and consequently voted on prior to launch. Certainly looking forward to other folk’s insights on this.


Cross chain is a good topic to consider too. We need to focus on usability.

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Team hasn’t taken any investments from VCs if that’s what you mean by bootstrapping. The early token distribution should help out for the short term and if VC funding is needed later on I suspect they could get it if they wanted to build a second version of the protocol.