Benefits of Pre Launch Airdrop

Rewards early supporters and incentivises them to remain committed to the protocol even if there are delays, issues or other apps competing for liquidity.

Allows early supporters to kick-start liquidity pools on various dexes and loan protocols before app is launched. Liquidity is king and will eventually lead to more users.

Motivates early supporters to spread the word. Cheapest and most valuable form of marketing and new user acquisition.

Like Liqwid, this airdrop if reasonably generous will be spoken about on every forum, Twitter account and discord. It will skyrocket the overall community numbers in discord to 3-5x very quickly.

Overall it builds community support, marketing, education and trust. What’s not to like?

Note : I’m just a user. These are my own views and not representative of the Indigo teams views or decisions.


I can’t agree with you more. Everyone I know is talking about LQ and the people who got the tokens are spreading the good word for the protocol. So I agree with you!


let’s do that why not


That’d be a super great idea. I hope that the Indigo team takes it into serious consideration.
LQ has been so lit.


I couldn’t agree more, this will put Indigo in the radar real fast.


Thats good
Let’s doit


That the great idea but we have to think about what the team is also thinking right!!


LQ is certainly an inspiration for a similar early supporter distribution!
This would definitely put more eyes on the project!


There can be multiple discord IDs for one person.
If it determined eventually, it can be okay, but if it planned, some people will make multiple discord ID.
KYC can be solution about it but KYC is too much process.
we should focus on ‘fair’


Perhaps it could be a combo of both pre and post-launch? I don’t know the benefits or drawbacks of such a thing. I just like the idea of a gray area. :slight_smile:


I agree. It creates hype and sets a precedent for demand. LQ went up and up after launch. Solid fundamentals and good tomenomics.


I can only thing on benefits on doing it, we have a strong early community members who could be rewarded fro this loyalty, plus these tokens could be put for a good use providing early liquidity


I tend to agree with all the points you made. What are the benefits of airdrop post launch tho? I would think buzz about the project is higher if you do it early but I could be wrong…


IMO Pre Launch is definitely a good idea. The LQ model seems to have worked really well for them. Gives the project visibility and lets people do their own research/stumble upon the coin when it’s listed on DEXes.


Agree. Liqwid’s approach is good. But I think it’s worthwile to look at how AnetaBTC done it recently, to spread the word and expand the community.


Couldn’t agree more. As long the protocol keep on building (not the usual rug pull that we often see from other chain). Pre Launch airdrop is a wise choice as people are generally motivated by greed. It will attracts ton of people into the indigo protocol system and understand the value that is being build here.


That’s actually a legit argument!


I couldn’t t agree more with the statements above. We are very lucky now to have a dex on Cardano and more will be released so getting the token our there will benefit the community and project by getting the name out there to the masses. Lets do this!


Outside of motivating early supporters (both newbies and veterans alike) to keep the community engagement in the chats alive, it also ignites massive interest from outside groups as word spreads about a pre-launch incentive (airdrop) driven mostly by early community members.

The example of the LQ airdrop attests to this being a very effective marketing launch-off point as it drew more people into its Discord server. Consequently, the fully-motivated community members, alongside the project admins and community managers generated organic and community-driven education and info dissemination en masse. Further increasing and spreading knowledge about the protocol.

We also have to note that LQ only dropped a very small amount out of its total supply, but the returns were massive based on the current price of the asset. Meanwhile, its beneficiaries have remained loyal to the community (LQ) and even rallied their support alongside project heads, really enhancing the community dynamic in its server.

The assumption here is that Indigo considering to take the same route, could potentially generate the same effect.


i agree, pre launch airdrop is the way to go,reward early adopter and spread news about project in community