ADA, Indigo or both

I have been going through some of the Demos and trying to understand the step by step process of trading the IAssets (synthetic Asset?).

Probably an easy one to answer - Do you purchase the IAssets with ADA, INDY or both?


You can buy an iasset from a dex using ADA or whatever currency they allow you to use/swap.

If you are minting an iasset you can use ADA as collateral and possibly INDY as well.

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Thanks for the response, clear and concise. I like how this isn’t a dex and need to you engage with other cardano dApps. The minting of iassets will be fun too.


on the INDY protocol you’ll be able to mint iASSETS off a supported collateralized stable coin or ADA

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The only way you can buy it is from a DEX. Technically if the ADA or INDY pair exists you can trade that iAsset.

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You would have to buy it off their dex in this case with ADA.

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